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“I wish I wrote down the name of the fella who helped me. I had gotten the number for this place off of the yellow pages website and upon calling the number listed, I was transferred. Easy right? Not soo much. I’m not sure what happened but all I know is when the poor locksmith tried to call me, he had the wrong number. The guy was a trooper though and I can’t thank him enough for waiting around for me. The prices are good and the service is fast and excellent.”  

Nicole H


Fast Locksmith is locally owned locksmith services. As a result of years of hard work in service and customer satisfaction, we have developed a reputation for fulfilling customer needs quickly and professionally. mobile locksmith service, providing 24–hour service across the DMV area(Alexandria,Virginia.Arlington county.Washington, DC. Maryland and surroundings).

As we strive for your satisfaction, we work hard to keep our prices low and competitive.

Our services includes:House lockout,Car lockout,Office lockout,Automotive(Car Keys , Remotes , Locks ),Safes, Residential and Commercial.

We take pride at out work, if you are not satisfied with the job that was done we will do it again and again until you are. We strive to give you the lowest price on a daily basis, and we are always seeking your satisfaction and repeated business.

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Fast Locksmith Vienna: Importance of Access Control

Building security and management is a major concern of building owners and property managers looking to protect their investment. Even though having multiple exterior and interior doors in your building increases the security risk, having the right Vienna locksmith can help allay any fears. Fast Locksmith Vienna will install an access control system that will help solve most of the security problems and also minimize unauthorized entry.

Components of access control systems – Fast Locksmith Alexandria

Some building owners or managers usually think of security access control systems as expensive and complicated electronic networks which are hard to implement. However, Fast Locksmith Vienna suggests that in reality, you can easily tailor the access control systems to fit varying building sizes, budgets, and occupancy types. Fast Locksmith Alexandria also includes other services like crafting keys, unlocking services and changing locks among others.

According to Fast Locksmith Virginia, having access control systems enables building managers to do much more work than simply controlling admission into restricted areas. Actually, a professional Fast Locksmith Vienna can design your security system in such a way that it also keeps all electronic recordings of everyone who enters or leaves the building. This way you can always answer the question of who was inside the building during a certain incident.

The main methods that Fast Locksmith Virginia uses to create access control include:

  • Keyless entry with swipe cards
  • Biometric scanners
  • Keypad systems
  • Smart Cards

Access control benefits – Fast Locksmith Alexandria

It may be quite costly to have many security guards monitoring all the crucial points of entry. Thus, Fast Locksmith Alexandria believes that the initial cost of paying for such systems is warranted. they usually pay back for themselves after a couple of years. In addition, having a fully digitized security system thanks to an expert locksmith in Vienna means that you do not really need to change your locks often as you only need to delete the login details of the specific employee who may have lost a key and then assign him or her a new card.

Fast Locksmith Vienna offers the ability to maintain separate public areas from the private areas. With the constant traffic of people at most buildings, having this distinction that Fast Locksmith Virginia can provide your building and ensure that public visitors are limited to certain areas of the building where they can get all the services they need, without having to access restricted zones.

Having a well designed and implemented security system also guarantees employee honesty. Nowadays, it is unfortunate that some employees are engaging in unethical acts like stealing sensitive data or research. By having the security system installed by  Fast Locksmith firm, your data and other essential things are always going to be safe.

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  • Kim H.
    Kim H.
    5 star

    I was locked out of my car around 10pm on a Wednesday night. I had no idea who to call so I did a quick Yelp search for a locksmith. I spoke to a guy...

  • Ria S.
    Ria S.
    4 star

    Pros: business owner/operator came out quickly (within 30 mins.) at 10 p.m. to help me get back into my home without any damage to my door.

  • Samson C.
    Samson C.
    5 star

    Ben did an awesome job rekeying my locks in my new home! He was quick and the price for his services were great! He would be my goto guy if I ever need...

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