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“I wish I wrote down the name of the fella who helped me. I had gotten the number for this place off of the yellow pages website and upon calling the number listed, I was transferred. Easy right? Not soo much. I’m not sure what happened but all I know is when the poor locksmith tried to call me, he had the wrong number. The guy was a trooper though and I can’t thank him enough for waiting around for me. The prices are good and the service is fast and excellent.”  

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Fast Locksmith is locally owned locksmith services. As a result of years of hard work in service and customer satisfaction, we have developed a reputation for fulfilling customer needs quickly and professionally. mobile locksmith service, providing 24–hour service across the DMV area(Alexandria,Virginia.Arlington county.Washington, DC. Maryland and surroundings).

As we strive for your satisfaction, we work hard to keep our prices low and competitive.

Our services includes:House lockout,Car lockout,Office lockout,Automotive(Car Keys , Remotes , Locks ),Safes, Residential and Commercial.

We take pride at out work, if you are not satisfied with the job that was done we will do it again and again until you are. We strive to give you the lowest price on a daily basis, and we are always seeking your satisfaction and repeated business.

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The Kevo Smartphone Controlled Deadbolt & Door Lock

It is not surprising that one day we may witness a day that the traditional key will disappear from our existence. How is such a failsafe tool that has been used for millions years going to just disappear? The simple answer to that is Bluetooth enabled smartphone locks that are becoming an increasingly popular method as to how we we secure our family homes and properties.


Once locksmiths soon started to combine the traditional lock technology that we all know and love with electronics, it seemed inevitable that locks would become far securer and more difficult to pick and break. Nevertheless, with this combination of traditional and electronic technology it also means that access (for individuals who are authorized) has become significantly quicker, precise and convenient . With the invention of wireless radio wave technology easily accessible, there is no reason as to why we should not take full advantage of our smartphones for everyday use.


It’s incredibly exciting for many individuals that they may not longer need to carry countless amounts of keys around with them. With that in mind, let us take a look at the Kevo smartphone controlled deadbolt & door lock.


Advantages of Kevo


Kevo is an incredibly simple single lock cylinder that comes with a skillfully powerful and high tech capability. Kevo allows you to essentially turn your smartphone into a key from any reasonable distance. You can close and open a lock using Kevo’s App on your smartphone. All you need to do is touch your smartphone’s screen to enable the bluetooth’s powered deadbolt to active.


No need for a smartphone


If you are an individual who doesn’t own a smartphone you needn’t not worry. The lock cylinder comes with a  RFID powered transmitter that grants access to individuals who are carrying Kevo’s key fob. Nevertheless, the primary difference between the fob and your smartphone is that the fob unfortunately cannot be used to open the lock from a distance. The fob is small and lightweight, so it is perfect for keeping in your bag, purse or even your pocket. Additional key fobs can also be purchased and programed.


Ideal for emergency moments


There may be a situation where you are out of town for the day or are perhaps you are on holiday. If there is an ever emergency such as flooding within your property, you can easily use your smartphone from any location to open the lock using Kevo to allow professionals or family members inside. This situation may be very unlikely or even a little extreme, but in the event of a family member or friend becoming locked outside of the property you can let them in with a simple press of a button.


Kevo can also work as a traditional locking system too. This means the mechanism can be locked or unlocked with a key. Ideal if your smartphone runs out of battery. The locking cylinder is also ‘bump-proof’, which means it is incredibly robust and resistant to break-ins as you would expect any security deadbolt to be.


What if my smartphone is stolen?


Don’t worry! If your smartphone is ever stolen you can simply log in to the Kevo app from someone elses device. You can quickly delete the eKey to prevent unauthorized access.


Kevo is an incredibly simple yet powerful piece of technology and is most certainly worth looking into when it comes to protecting your property and your family.


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Fast Locksmith

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  • Samson C.
    Samson C.
    5 star

    Ben did an awesome job rekeying my locks in my new home! He was quick and the price for his services were great! He would be my goto guy if I ever need...

  • Ria S.
    Ria S.
    4 star

    Pros: business owner/operator came out quickly (within 30 mins.) at 10 p.m. to help me get back into my home without any damage to my door.

  • Paige R.
    Paige R.
    5 star

    Simply the best experience I could have asked for: an accurate quote, prompt, professional, and with everything they needed on site. Check out the Yelp deal...

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