Let’s face it, we’ve all lost our keys at least once in our lifetime. It’s inevitable, having a busy adult life, jumbling a full-time or multiple jobs, and possibly having children on top of that.

And we don’t mean misplacing them. We mean literally losing them. Nowhere to be found. And now you’re out of luck and out of patience because you’re locked out of all sorts of places.

Luckily your property access and protection experts at Fast LockSmith located in Alexandria, Va know a thing or two about car key replacement because we’ve seen just about everything.

Due to our car key replacement experience, we can recommend a few things if you’ve lost your keys. First, call Fast LockSmith 571-316-2602 and we’ll follow up on the promise we make to all of our customers:

To show up in the timeframe we give, protect your property quickly and answer all your questions before we leave.

Our car key replacement locksmith services serve more areas than you think, including:

  • Alexandria, VA 
  • Arlington, VA
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Washington D.C.
  • Maryland and surrounding areas

Afterward, consider some actions that will stop this from happening again, such as: 

  • Have a couple of duplicate keys made.
  • Place duplicate keys with friends or family members close by.
  • Place duplicate keys in areas that are easy to access.
  • Purchase a magnetic key box that you can attach in a hidden place on your car.
  • Hide your house key in nonobvious places.
  • Consider having roadside assistance on hand, such as AAA.

With these tips, you never should have to call Fast Locksmith again, but be sure to contact us 571-316-2602 the first time so we can get you set up and help make your day and life stress free.