Better Safe Than Sorry

Having a safe in your home or business is not only smart today it is almost a necessity.  When it comes to safes there are many choices: large, small, wall safes to name a few.  Then there are the locking mechanisms themselves: Key locks, mechanical locks, combination locks and timed locks.  In addition there are loads of different sizes, colors, shapes and materials from which to choose.  You begin by deciding what type of property you are going to be protecting.  After that you determine if you want it burglar resistant and/or fire resistant.  This will help determine size and material.

  • Burglar Resistant Safes – These safes are rated for different protection levels through a variety of tests performed by professional safe crackers to make sure they are burglarproof.  Different tools and materials are used to break into the safe to confirm there level of safety.
  • Fire Resistant Safes – These safes are rated based on how long they can keep their contents below 350 degrees.  The walls are constructed of metal and insulation to release moisture that will protect documents and keep the interior temperature at a safe level.

No matter what type of safe you have you may need assistance in getting it open.  That is where Fast Locksmith can help.  We offer a 24-hour emergency service dedicated to helping our customers in any type of emergency no matter what type of locking device your safe has.  Do not hesitate to call any time so we can immediately respond to your problem.