Benefits of Proximity

Many of us work at offices or complexes where we need to use a card and/or photo ID for gaining entrance.  But, very few of us know how it works so let us begin by defining the technology behind radio frequency identification (RFID).  This is a technology that communicates via radio waves exchanging data between a reader and a card or photo ID carried by a person for the purpose of identification.  This technology has evolved over the past two decades until RFID has become the preferred ID badge technology for collecting data, setting up door access, time clocks, point of sale and even computer login.  Contactless RFID offers the highest level of security and is difficult to duplicate.  Since the RFI card does not use exposed read heads or moving parts, they are more durable and last longer than the older magnetic strip or barcode technology.

Once the radio frequency signal is recognized as one that has been programmed into the system it will then electrically unlock any type of electrically locked device.  The readers themselves can be located anywhere to help protect from vandalism and some readers can actually be programmed on the spot.  The overall cost of this type of technology has dropped over the past decade from costing thousands to something much more affordable today.  Contact us at Fast Locksmith so we can determine the cost for installing the world’s most secure locking system in your business or office.