As a homeowner, it’s important that you do as much as you can to ensure that your home is secure. You can do this in many ways from installing security cameras, researching your community, and understanding the layout of your home.  One of the easiest ways to keep your home secure, and one of the most important, is to check the state of the locks in and around your home.  It’s something that many homeowners don’t think to look at or check when they move into a new space. However, you never know who could pick your locks or somehow have a copy of your current home key.

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Door Knobs

A door knob is just as critical a component of a door, as the frame, deadbolt or door itself. We can repair or replace your damaged door knobs.

Maintenance & Repair

Whether you need service on your door, security alarm equipment, locks, security cameras or anything else that helps keep you safe, we can repair and maintain your doors and security equipment.

Home Lockouts

Security and lock systems are meant to keep your family safe, but when there is an issue, you need a sure way to get into your home. Fast Locksmith can help.

Emergency Lockouts

We can help! Fast Locksmith is your go-to resource in an emergency lockout. Never wait when it comes to the safety of your family - Fast Locksmith shows up when we say we will and makes sure you or your loved one has access to your home.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems allow for two way communication between units. We can install one at the front door, in the kitchen, or wherever is most useful for your family.

Gun Safes

Fast Locksmith is happy to provide installation and service to your gun safe. Keep your firearms under lock and key and count on us to help maintain your safekeeping.

Smart Lock Installation

Many people are doing away with traditional lock & key hardware and moving to smart locks. Fast Locksmith and install, service, and repair your smart lock.


When choosing a padlock, some options include body size, key operation, weatherproofing, shackle size, combo operation, and more. Depending on your need, we can help you choose the best lock for your needs.

Deadbolt Installation

A deadbolt can make the difference between a thief coming into or passing by your home. A professionally installed deadbolt is simple yet effective protection for your home and family.


Rekeying locks is a wise alternative to replacing locks when you’ve lost your keys. It’s fast and simple, just give us a call. We’ll show up on time and make sure you have access to your property before we leave.

Safe Opening

We have years of expertise in safe opening, repair and combination changes. A Fast Locksmith technician can help you access your valuables in a wide variety of home safes.

Combination Change

We have years of expertise in safe opening, repair and combination changes. A Fast Locksmith technician can help you access your valuables in a wide variety of home safes.

At Fast Locksmith, we believe in providing a fast and efficient lockout service like no other. We can serve just about any area you can think of including:

  • Alexandria, Va. 
  • Arlington, Va.
  • Fairfax, Va.
  • Washington, D.C. 
  • Maryland

As an established company, Fast Locksmith specializes in residential locksmith services. When you contact us, we get you access to your property quickly so you can get back to living your life.


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Locks vary depending on the type of doors you have for entering and exiting your home.  There are special locks for wooden doors, for instance, metal doors and glass doors to name a few.  These locks can be as simple as using a key or as sophisticated as needing a key card or numeric code.

Although any type of lock is becoming more and more available thanks to the internet, it is not something you would want to install yourself and using a professional locksmith will not break the bank.  Your peace of mind knowing you have added protection by a certified professional has to give you some comfort and should be worth the price.  Our goal here at Fast Locksmith is to give you the right product at an affordable price as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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