Most cars manufactured within the last decade or so come with keyless remotes, also known as key fobs. They make starting your car and turning it off a bit easier, giving you the ability to turn it on from a distance. 

And it’s all fun and games until you push the button … and nothing happens. Before we talk about the next steps, let’s identify ways to diagnose that your key fob is dead and you might need a car key fob replacement or repair. Some ways to identify if your key fob is dead are: 

  • The key fob is working inconsistently.
  • The car isn’t responding to your clicks.
  • There are broken parts in your key fob.

When this happens, you either get it fixed or go back to using a key and, well, what a pain, right? It could be as simple as replacing a battery, but what if it’s more than that? That’s when you call the locksmith experts that protect and get you access to your property.

Here at Fast Locksmith, we may be able to help you with a quick repair. Our experienced locksmiths will disassemble your unit and repair or replace whatever is wrong in a quick and efficient manner at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Your key fob will be working again in no time, and you can put those keys where they belong, either in the ignition or in your pocket.

Serving areas around Alexandria, Va., all the way to Maryland, our locksmith services are the best. We are constantly fine tuning our methods and work diligently to keep up with current technology.

We promise to show up in the timeframe we give, protect your property quickly and answer all your questions before we leave.