A Message on COVID-19

To our amazing customers and friends,

Fast Locksmith has weathered many storms in Alexandria, VA – though none of them have looked quite like this.

We wanted to take a moment to send best wishes for health and safety to each of you during this troubling time. We are keeping our community, our nation, the world, and each of you in our prayers as the coronavirus situation unfolds.

Fast Locksmith is taking every precaution to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy. Considering the low-contact nature of our business, we plan to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability while taking the appropriate and necessary precautions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

It is our goal to keep our techs working as long as possible so their families, and ours, can continue to have the financial means to weather this storm. We greatly appreciate your support.

We are putting the following procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • We have instructed anyone that isn’t feeling well or has a fever to stay home, made KN95 masks available for all of the staff, and require that technicians wear them on jobs if they will be in contact with customers.
  • We will service home, auto locksmith and commercial locksmith calls. We have made gloves available for our staff and require technicians wear the gloves for all of their jobs. We’ve also stocked our offices and work vehicles with hand sanitizer.
  • We are giving all our customers that spend over $100 a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer to help keep everyone safe.
  • We install all products new, fresh out of the box, to eliminate the need for sanitizing. A large portion of the products we provide are even ordered specifically for the jobs we are performing so once they arrive or are picked up they go straight to the customer. We also have access to Lysol® disinfectant wipes so we can clean our workspace and tools daily.
  • We maintain social distancing guidelines, and will try to get all estimates or price quotes to our customers before we visit the job site to avoid extra visits and face-to-face contact between our technicians and customers.

We ask that you continue to think of us for all your auto and locksmith services across the DMV area – Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax, Virginia, Washington, DC., Maryland, and surrounding areas. Our small business, employees, and family greatly appreciate your support and trust during this time.Related: citizens’ voice obituaries and news, robert lucas depression prevention, workwear group ramsay health, lucille mcnair new house, places to celebrate 18th birthday in dallas, miller park pickleball, winery with tents in maryland, naruto raikage apprentice fanfiction, polar bear attack bronx zoo, natalee holloway mother died, ger ett snabbt svar webbkryss, solage calistoga wedding, alabama state trooper speeding ticket cost, psi to liters per minute calculator, miura boiler burner alarm 7,Related: antique botanical prints framed, lieutenant governor hawaii apostille, ford digital service record uk, farmhouse pitcher and bowl, overcrank, overspeed generator, michigan dispensary business plan pdf, hc one notice period, kate armstrong australian millionaire net worth, homes for rent in adams county, pa on craigslist, devon barstool intern, infp enneagram 4 careers, hakama pants demon slayer, undercover police hand signals, who has been to every quidditch world cup, closet candy pyramid scheme,Related: how to say no to a birthday party invitation, stock cars odsal tickets, what happens if a pill dissolves in your throat, ego mower height settings inches, carnival premier cruises, are james acaster and rose matafeo still friends, elissa patel wedding, dog walking backwards while pooping, morehouse school of medicine program internal medicine residency, most expensive herkimer diamond, cia gateway process explained, when is it difficult to reboard a pwc quizlet, peeshadeel urban dictionary, arrowhead country club pool membership, david shoup tuning,Related: telecommunicator week ideas, lemon in coke benefits, chicago catholic league baseball, david esch annika, where does gem shopping network get their jewelry, jean “foxy” reynard, what does it mean when someone gives you a rosary, marietta apartments under $1000, high openness, high neuroticism careers, david sconce lamb funeral home, director of uab hospital, structural similarities between skeletal muscle and nervous tissue, tivoli wedding fallbrook, craving for raw mango during pregnancy boy or girl, upminster news stabbing today,Related: carquinez strait swimming, curbless shower pan sizes, quel est le pays d’origine de antoine griezmann, does georgia power hire felons, how to get brown hair naturally with coffee, north ridgeville noise ordinance times, soccer players born in september, luton borough council waste disposal, they know what is what they just strut remix, james miller obituary illinois, miami herbert mba employment report, what happened to andrew wilson tooth, carnival excursions costa maya, why are madame gao’s workers blind, vue new canaan affordable housing,Related: gonzalez funeral home obituaries, was anne frank blind and deaf, stonewater grill land o lakes, poeltl nba guessing game unlimited, superfund excise taxes on chemicals, chief khara spare or kill, kitty chase math playground, how do i track my tlscontact uk visa application, daryl hall and sara allen back together, edward jones aba routing number for wires, tabernacle baptist college greenville, sc, san mateo county superior court master calendar, tift county election results, pontoon nose cone repair, villanova women’s basketball player stats,Related: university of dubuque wrestling, khalil mack double team percentage 2021, hoover high school glendale famous alumni, city council district 2 election, wten former anchors, fiat 500x warning lights, teal roberts cause of death, lisa bell hair extensions, vista drive greenwich, ct, wicomico county district court commissioner, are panini prizm cards worth anything, diane baker francis collins, two conclusions of rutherford model, gyr cattle for sale in usa, car accident eugene oregon yesterday,

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